Tips to prevent fogging of the car’s glass

Whenever it rains, the glass of the car fogs up, especially when we are many inside, being dangerous to detract from visibility.

This happens because our body heat raises the temperature inside the passenger compartment. The hot gas, upon touching the frozen windscreen, condenses, becoming tiny drops that prevent you from seeing through the glass.

Vehicles with good equipment, have a system that will do everything for you, but if yours does not, follow these tips.

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The best thing is to start the heating and direct it towards the windshield using the knobs.

Do not worry if it is fogging up for the moment, the heat in the air will begin to evaporate the tiny drops until completely eliminated, preferably in a high total and in a safe place.

If your heating does not work, you can do it by opening the air intakes from the inside of your car and keep them always directed towards the windshield; the cold air from outside will lower the temperature in the cabin and begin to defocus the glass gradually.

But if none of the previous systems work in your car or do not have them as standard, there is nothing better than lowering the window a bit so that hot air comes out and have a clean cloth or flannel on hand to remove it. Tarnished from the glass and do not get stained inside.

The only drawback of this technique, used and improved by taxi drivers, is that the humidity will appear again and you will have to clean it repeatedly until it stops raining or you arrive at your destination and that the water goes in the interior.

The most important thing is safety, so in this rainy season check that the windshield wipers work properly and do not forget the rag that will get you out of trouble.