Tips for choosing the best windshield wipers

You may not give much importance to the change and choice of windshield wipers because they always give you the same result, often short and very little suited to your expectations, but that may be just the mistake and you need to attend to some basic and simple tips, but that will help you choose the best windshield wiper for your vehicle.

The best thing to choose the spare parts of your car is to bet on a good quality-price. If you do not have specific or specific needs, in the case of windshield wipers, this basic advice also works, but you can get a little closer to the perfect windshield wiper or brush, if you take into account other details.


It is important to assess not only the specific use made of the windshield wipers, which can be little if you live in an area of ​​low rainfall and warm weather, but also the general use you make of the vehicle where you are going to mount the wipers, since this piece always in the vehicle and outdoors, exposed to the sun, heat, cold … All this affects the durability of the windshield wipers, that although you use them very little can be damaged by the continuous effect of the sun and high temperatures.

A definitive data to assess what brushes you need is if the vehicle you usually park in covered parking or spend a lot of time on the street. Irremediably the vehicles that support a continuous use and are long exposed, although they do not often use the brushes, they need that they are of high quality and resistance to achieve a wider useful life.


Not all windshield wipers are made of the same materials, there is a great variety of qualities and, in addition, it is important to look for the most suitable materials for our needs. There are plastic, metal and combinations of different materials and alloys. Noise, smoothness and durability depend directly on the type of materials your wipers are made of.

There are windshield wipers designed to respond to extreme conditions of heat or cold, so they incorporate solar protection or high resistance to cold.

Weather conditions

When you go to buy new brushes, keep in mind how many times you have used the latest ones, under what circumstances and what result they gave you in terms of visibility and safety. It is very likely that your new windshield wipers will have to face similar circumstances and, in this case, with the experience you can choose ones more adjusted to your needs.

The weather conditions that you have to deal with continuously with your windshield wipers will give you the final clue to buy specific brushes for snow or water, for example. It is also important to have the wind, since windshield wipers have to also stand their presence and perform their function effectively and safely. If you live in areas of continuous snow or torrential rains, mount your vehicle specific windshield wipers for these cases.

Adaptation to the model

Do not forget that the windshield wipers are not universal, so the first thing to buy the right replacement is to confirm in the instruction manual of your car what type of windshield wipers your vehicle needs to measure-length-to be able to adapt perfectly in the arm of the car and type of frame or installation that allows.

Within the model that your car uses, you can choose between different varieties, materials and special protections to refine more in your choice and find the perfect windshield wiper.