The windscreen wipers- problem- how to change them

It never happened to you, in the middle of a route, that it was going to rain and when you act suddenly they do not work or they do it in a defective way?

They are, like all parts of a car, a very important element that makes safety and driving comfort.

Take a second and try to remember when it was the last time you changed the brushes …, obviously if the car is new one does not pay attention but, as here we treat especially our beloved cars that carry on their backs many years is good pay attention.

Small tips to take care of them:

When you park for several hours, outdoors, lift them, when they are supported and between them and the windshield is joined: frost, dirt, leaves, advertising flyers, etc., the gates faster and the windshield can be scratched. Lovably if you put them in operation and did not take the precaution of cleaning them previously.

To clean them: use a damp cloth. It turns out that in the rubber you can settle grains of sand or some pebbles. This is important: if you put them in motion those little “invaders” can ruin the windshield.

The water or liquid tank to clean the windshield must be in its measure.

Some use special liquid, others recommend placing a little antifreeze liquid. There are those who put a splash of detergent, this is not recommended.

If frost or snow accumulates: Do not light them, surely the rubber will freeze, therefore it hardens, which is likely to break the brushes and / or the same motor that drives them through the effort.

When the brushes should be changed

Generally the symptom is when they do not clean well or make a small chirp when operating. It is the rubber that lost its ability to work.